MM Lidz Kids' Exclusive Hat Collection

At MM Lidz, we believe in pushing boundaries and embracing the extraordinary. Our hat styles are thoughtfully designed with a touch of creativity and innovation, incorporating unique elements and unexpected details that will make your child's hat game truly stand out. Get ready to set the trends with our cutting-edge designs!.

Color Blocked Styles:

We're proud to introduce our color blocked styles, where vibrant hues collide in perfect harmony. These hats feature a combination of bold and contrasting colors, creating a striking visual impact that is sure to make a statement. These utilize a full panel design snapback style. 


Please measure your child's head where the hat will lie  on the forehead. Our hats fit a range with the adjustable snapback feature in the back.

Infant/toddler: 18-20 inches
Child: 20-22.5”

Adult- 22.5-25