Weekly Tee Drop

NEW Tee drop EVERY Friday at 7PM EST

Micro Me comes from the lifestyle of growing up in Southern California- the beaches of San Clemente, California and living the surf life...to skateboarding parks and backyard bowls, to living in the mountains of Colorado and working and riding in Crested Butte.   Traveling around to find ramps, bowls, and skateparks all summer,  dirt-biking, listening to punk rock and living a carefree 20's lifestyle.   Moving back to Cali after college, and working for companies such as Vans, Volcom, and Billabong have inspired design and a branding that will always be Micro Me. 

These weekly tee drops will stay true to our Branding inspiration- checkerboard, punk rock, black/white/red,  Cali lifestyle, skate, snow, wake, and racing, carefree, good vibes life!   We welcome ideas and would love you to join our VIP to be a part of our Micro Fam!! 

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